About the Company

Tareenity was founded in 2011 as the software testing and quality assurance company.

What started as a humble team of skilled manual testers quickly grew into a team of 20+ highly skilled QA engineers with expertise in manual and automated testing for web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and cross-platform software solutions.

Our team continues to expand, our expertise continues to grow, but our goal of providing clients with the most thorough software testing and QA services remains unchanged.

TAREENITY provides complete QA & Testing services including Planning, Scripting, QA Management, Reporting & Consultancy across multi-locale, Websites and Web apps. Our clients include leading digital agencies, specializes in Digital Services, Branding and products.

We have tested over 500 Responsive Websites, Web Apps, Advertising Campaigns, E-Commerce sites, Newsletters and Interactive & Facebook Games over the last few years for Digital Media Agencies on a variety of projects including Sports Corporations, Beverage Companies, UEFA Cup, European Football Clubs, Personal Care brands and International Automobile Industries. Some of the brands we have been working on with our partners are Nike, Volvo, Mini, BMW, Arsenal, Liverpool & Paris Saint Germain FC, Hermes Paris, GSK, Chanel, FCA, Logicor, Nivea, M&S, Virgin, Red Bull, Martell and Tassimo.



Having a solid connection with our partners/clients is something we strongly believe in. Conducting a meeting allows us to set expectations, communicate details and to lay out what we as a company can offer. During a project meeting our team members contribute their opinions, expertise and advice based on their roles, playing a critical role in the successful outcome of the project


We as a company strive to provide the top notch QA available in the market and thus the very practice of writing test cases is a part of our standards to ensure that the cases help prepare the testing team by fortifying good test coverage across the application. We believe that Well-written test cases can make the testing process much smoother, help save time in the long run and of course ensure that all aspects of the application, Functional or Non-functional, be covered. To put ourselves in the user’s shoes, writing testable scripts and to include all the necessary details is the principle key of ours when it comes to writing test cases


To plan out as to how things are going to be done and delivered is a matter taken extremely seriously by our company, as planning not only lays out the foundation for every project but it increases the efficiency of how things are being done, reduces the risks involved in a modern business activity and facilitates proper coordination with our clients which all in-turn helps us to achieve the objectives of the organization


Our company overlooks different types of testing covering concepts such as "Smoke Testing" to "Automation Testing" whether they may be mapped over functional or non-functional aspects, we have it all. Our crafty test scripts establish the fact that testing would be done from all different angles, ranging from a layman's point of view to even a developer’s perspective. We also provide a nifty device matrix which covers the up-to-date variety of platforms and devices


The final phase of our process is where we deliver and report our findings in an orderly manner to such an extent that would be comprehensive enough for the client to make a decision and act accordingly. Providing a detailed Daily Status Report (DSR) coupled with to and fro meetings with our partners ensure that all the particulars of our results after extensive QA have been conveyed to the client and thus creating a strong communication line to cater any changes or improvements if necessary


Noaman Tareen


An enthusiastic professional and a highly-qualified Entrepreneur and QA Consultant with a successful track record of 20+ years in Digital Media Agencies, Advertising, Social Media Campaigns, Banking, Trading, Financial Information Services and Retail sectors. I offer expertise in Quality Assurance, Application Delivery, Incident Management, Release Management and Project Management for Software Applications, Trading Platforms, Multi Locale E-Commerce Websites, Online Games and Interactive Email campaigns.

Meet The Team

Innovative, Experienced and Qualified Tareenity Team

Mustafa Waris

Senior Team Lead

Zaafir Dar

Team Lead - Yoti

Sidra Iftikhar

Team Lead - ACE & Yoti

Sania Janjua

Team Lead - GC & Tangent

Tayyab Mahmood

Team Lead - Yoti Mobile

Ali Hassan

Team Lead - Yoti Website

Rehan Khan


AbuBakar Shaheen

SQA - Yoti

Waqas Zulfiqar

SQA - ORM & Tangent

Ehab Babar


Umair Ahmad

SQA - Yoti

Irfan Javed

Junior QA - Yoti

Ayub Khan

Junior QA - Yoti

Samran Saqib

Junior QA - Yoti