Our History


Added three New Clients 'YOTI', LUMINOUS & 'ORM' to our portfolio this year. Started working on their Yoti App New projects i.e. CXO Database with BIGLIGHT, DRAX with AKQA, Measa & Petradec sites with LUMINOUS Successfully delivered Audi site updates. This year we also started working on Arriva - Chiltern, STNR, Grand Central Railways and Alpha 1 & 2 with ORM


Opened a New Branch in London. Added a New Client 'RADLEY YELDAR' to our portfolio this year. New projects i.e. GSK, FCA & Tribal successfully delivered so far and Nivea and Volvo Campaigns started with AKQA. Many more New & Exciting projects & Clients on their way


Volvo turned up to be a very busy project for us this year. Tassimo Newsletters started coming thick and fast. Many Nivea Campaigns got QA'ed by our team those the course of this year. BlippAr was Face Recognition and Landscape project that ballooned the resources requirements for it intensive 24 hour shifts to beyond 20.


This year turned up to be a coffee year with Tassimo Coffee machines E-Commerce cites, multi locales, Coffee Made Happy site work and many many more Tassimo newsletters and campaigns. Nike Football on the other hand kept most of the team busy throughout the year.


NTC - Nike Training Club version 4 & 5 took our work to a new level because of its challenges, incredible device matrix, constant workout updates and many late night to go with the LIVE pushes. Tassimo was another one they kept on demanding more work.


Tareenity was established and the first project that we worked on was Nike PhotoiD which won the best interactive app awards in 2014 & 2015. Amazing start .....